Sunday, 7 April 2013

In what ways does your media product use or develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Like most previous evaluation questions, I've split my answer into three parts.
The first is an exploration of the conventions that I've used in my music video and ancillary texts, this will be presented in a PowerPoint.
The second part explores how multiple theories can be applied to my media products, and this will be generated through a Prezi.
The third and final part of my answer will be my overall evaluation of the conventions I've used, developed or challenged and the purpose of these displayed conventions. This will be shown through Microsoft Word.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Managing Final Cut Express

Considering last year I used iMovie to generate my music video - using Final Cut Express is new to me in this respect. I've understood the basics of Final Cut Express such as rendering a clip, converting a track and clips and locking certain parts of footage to avoid accidental editing.
However, editing the speed, filtering the image, applying a diversity of transitions to a clip and fading out audio are all things that I had difficulty operating.
There were 3 things I could do to accomplish this;
1. I could ask others around me, or seek assistance from an experienced user of Final Cut Express, such as a mature student or teacher.
2. I could attempt to practice each area and hope that I adapt to the complex techniques.
3. Seek tutorials online, and search tips, instructions from thousands of other users of Final Cut Express.

In fact, I attempted all of these.
All were helpful, but the most beneficial was the YouTube tutorials online. I learnt how to do these things and even more; I was exposed to effective editing techniques and how to apply them to my footage.
Here is an example of one on the YouTube tutorials that I had watched an taken notes on:

Final Music Video

A typical member of our target audience

Our predicted target audience..
Although our band has been originally categorised as 'Heavy Metal Rock', as a group we've recognised that the particular song that we had chosen was somewhat a 'one off' compared to the heavy, ferocious and solid heavy metal songs that they had produced in the past. We'd suggested that the particular song 'Vagabond' was of a 'folk' rock/'indie' rock - as opposed to a heavy metal rock genre. Therefore, to suit a target audience to this song - we decided to seek out audience members of the folk rock or indie rock (or along those lines). 
Below, I've created models for each gender of our predicted audience.
On the right, shows a typical female audience member. Dark clothing, but with fashionable sense - a subtle indie statement. Dark leather jackets, eyeliner, converse/vans/boots/creepers with shorts. A sort of rebel look, but not a scruffy look. In fact, the dress sense is similar to the costume that the female in the music video is wearing. This encourages a certain dress sense for the audience, and also seeks to appeal to those who currently own this fashion; it relates to them and convinces them that the music video and track was aimed at them and was for them.
On the left, shows a typical male audience member. Obvious supporters of rock bands such as Guns N' Roses (for example) - typically tattooed/pierced as many rock fans appeal to this sense of rebellion to conform. Caps, converse and skinny jeans within a fashionable bracket are also expected of our male audience. Vans, boots, creepers, converse and thick soled shoes are also a common fashion among male teens under a rock genre bracket. Generally dark clothing also, to suggest their passion for dark/grey music/
 Above, an example of a group of female rock fans is shown. Black/grey high laced boots with scruffy faded jeans and out of proportion crop tops with skeleton faces and animal faces printed on them, netted/lace pattern tights with black shorts, leggings and wrist bands. All of these items of clothing suggest rebellion and a rock origin. They are all quite dark colours and something that you'd expect to see in a 'soft' 'indie' rock music video.

Its common that fans of the rock genre purchase t-shirts, wrist bands, caps, shoes and other clothing items with a statement/band logo printed over it. Above demonstrates a typical female audience wardrobe. These outfits are quite dark, but vibrant in their own way. They are quirky and different, which will draw attention (which is something that a rock genre aims to do - go against the norm, rebel, draw attention)
 Here is an example of what our female target audience would wear - with reference to the Sex Pistols - a popular rock band, even today. Also, Misfits, a programme containing teenage dramas like sex, drugs and raves (linking directly to rock - Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll).

Here is an example of the type of music that our predicted audience would listen to. Among the collection is reference to 'Thirty Seconds To Mars' - a less established (to all of every genre) band of the soft/indie rock genre. 'All Time Low', 'You Me At Six' and 'Deaf Havana' - which are closely related genres to ours. Our target audience will cling to physical CD's like this to show dedication to their band and to build a tangible collection. They will appreciate posters and live concerts. Our target audience would rather go out and do, rather than sit and appeal to their band only over a computer screen.
 Ripped jeans are a common clothing type of the rock genre, as both genders can wear them. The ripped jean look enhanced the 'rebellion' that rock fans attempt to gain. It suggests a 'just rolled out of bed' or 'crazy night last night' look that creates mystery in their lives and enhances what people think of them, as they seem like a more interesting person. Someone who doesn't care - someone who challenges the norm.

Below, the hairstyle can be noted for both genders in that the 'sweeping fringe' was a common hairstyle for rock fans. We expect that our audience will have these sorts of hairdos. This hairstyle connotes insecurity and mystery. The sweeping fringe tends to hide the majority of the face, the forehead and eyes. Some of the shyer audience members will adopt this hairdo as a way of hiding their vulnerability (eyes) and by creating mystery to others. Also, it suggests quite a 'scruffy' overgrown look that defines the face. This hairdo is specific to 'hair flicking' or 'head bashing' (the action of fiercely nodding their head to the beat of the music - predictably heavy metal) - which is most common at raves.

Digipack Flat plan

Today I planned how my 6 photos will look for my CD case and booklet. I've chosen beauty shots, group posed shots, edited shots of all of their profiles combined, instrumental shots and so on - to enhance the feeling of musical talent and cool atmosphere to their and and music.
To list other songs in this alum, I've listed all 10 songs (including our track Vagabond) on a photo of a band members t-shirt which has the printed logo on it. We can make this happen through editing techniques and software materials.

Me experimenting with ways in which to show the song titles.