Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Group meeting 1 - discussing narrative.

In this session we were discussing;
- whether or not it should be a comical or serious band.
- which narrative we must chose
- which idea's of performance we must plan
- should we follow folk music video's or rock music videos
- who to select for our cast

We've decided to make our narrative a stalking idea;

1. Band (performance) - The band are shown performing in a music studio, where close-ups of both the band member's expressions and their instruments will be common. These shots will jump cut through the narrative piece and will relate in that whenever the tension rises in the narrative, the close-up shot will transform into a long distance shot to infer movement in the story as well as the isolation that his character may be feeling.
   Narrative - Picture a London rush-hour morning with a a faceless sea of people in suits and work clothes on their way to their nine hour shifts. Its a stressful surreal blur, and no face in particular is highlighted from the crowd, because its all blurred away. Then, a beautiful woman emerges from the crowd to cross the street and the camera comes to a mid shot to draw the audience's attention to her. Following shortly behind her, the lead singer disengages himself from the bustling crowd and follows her with intent. The audience will assume that the two people know each other, as the man stares after the woman and stays within a few feet from her, as if following her. Simultaneously singing the lyrics and following the woman, the man pushes through the crowds to catch up to her, while the woman shows no means of seeing him or even knowing he's there. Suspense is built when the man suddenly catches up to her and is singing directly at her, but only the woman looks past him as if he isn't even there. This continues for most of the video, the man singing passionately and in some parts of the song, viciously - while the woman fails to even acknowledge him, and the crowd bustles on. Before the end, the man suddenly stops and the woman walks out of the camera view, and the audience is suddenly shown a shed that's full of photos of the woman. Close-ups of the pinned up photographs tell us that she is unaware that the photo's were taken, and is therefore being stalked. We end with a backwards creep of the man, standing among the crowd staring lifelessly behind the camera (we assume after the woman)

But to suit all members of our group, we have to reform and adjust this idea.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Questionnaire results

Questionnaire Results Analysis

Our second group meeting.

Today we met up again as a group and discussed topics that concerned us and that were related to the music video. Previously, I had drawn up a few sketches of our narrative and structured them in a storyboard, with description, shot, angle, location, movement and shot duration and number. We then drew upon the rough storyboard and made alterations to it.
From my narrative original storyboard, we have reformed the narrative and have decided to make the storyline slightly comical, with the introduction of the 'living statues' from London. From this, I'll revise our new narrative and create a few versions of the new story, and then produce a final copy of the storyboard.
My first designs for our narrative storyboard. 

The same applies for our performance storyboard as we've decided to select location shots such as the school music studio as well as the school hall where performances are usually based.
Here is our second video where we discuss our preparations and aims.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Creating a schedule for planning/filming

Here we've structured a plan of times and dates in which we'll regroup, film, re-assess our footage and improve. This plan is scheduled in the period of 13 days, and Tuesday 18th December being our filming deadline. We've acknowledged that this is an extremely tight amount of time to prepare and film our music video; and therefore we've set in place 'safety net' days, to ensure that if we do not stick to what was required, or we re-assess our current footage and find that we need to reshoot some scenes, then we have 2 days to fall back on and get those tasks done.We've taken into consideration the busy time schedule of others (cast) and even ourselves, and have thus constructed a plan around these times and dates, we've also dedicated any available weekend to meet up and film.

We've spaced our days out wisely, and have planned the first 4 days to finalise the narrative, location idea, cast organisation and props - so that the upcoming days are organised and well planned for. Throughout these days (lightly scheduled for) we've added that each day we must create individual, as well as group feedback and analysation on what we've achieved and what we aim to achieve. This gives constant feedback and thus generates a clearer visual of our goal and what we aim to achieve.

 To extend our group feedback and to strengthen our understanding and dedication to the plan that we've made, we have created a group feedback video, in which we announce what we've done, and thereby aim to do in the plan. This video demonstrates the groups unity and co-orperation, and how we're stronger in communication as well as preparation.