Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Creating a schedule for planning/filming

Here we've structured a plan of times and dates in which we'll regroup, film, re-assess our footage and improve. This plan is scheduled in the period of 13 days, and Tuesday 18th December being our filming deadline. We've acknowledged that this is an extremely tight amount of time to prepare and film our music video; and therefore we've set in place 'safety net' days, to ensure that if we do not stick to what was required, or we re-assess our current footage and find that we need to reshoot some scenes, then we have 2 days to fall back on and get those tasks done.We've taken into consideration the busy time schedule of others (cast) and even ourselves, and have thus constructed a plan around these times and dates, we've also dedicated any available weekend to meet up and film.

We've spaced our days out wisely, and have planned the first 4 days to finalise the narrative, location idea, cast organisation and props - so that the upcoming days are organised and well planned for. Throughout these days (lightly scheduled for) we've added that each day we must create individual, as well as group feedback and analysation on what we've achieved and what we aim to achieve. This gives constant feedback and thus generates a clearer visual of our goal and what we aim to achieve.

 To extend our group feedback and to strengthen our understanding and dedication to the plan that we've made, we have created a group feedback video, in which we announce what we've done, and thereby aim to do in the plan. This video demonstrates the groups unity and co-orperation, and how we're stronger in communication as well as preparation.

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