Monday, 10 December 2012

Our second group meeting.

Today we met up again as a group and discussed topics that concerned us and that were related to the music video. Previously, I had drawn up a few sketches of our narrative and structured them in a storyboard, with description, shot, angle, location, movement and shot duration and number. We then drew upon the rough storyboard and made alterations to it.
From my narrative original storyboard, we have reformed the narrative and have decided to make the storyline slightly comical, with the introduction of the 'living statues' from London. From this, I'll revise our new narrative and create a few versions of the new story, and then produce a final copy of the storyboard.
My first designs for our narrative storyboard. 

The same applies for our performance storyboard as we've decided to select location shots such as the school music studio as well as the school hall where performances are usually based.
Here is our second video where we discuss our preparations and aims.

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