Monday, 28 January 2013

Flaws in the focus group.

After assessing our focus group, we realised that a few flaws limited us from gaining more effective and diverse information.
We found that the limitation in the age-group we had chosen for focus group, had also limited range of information we could take from it. Also, the lack of equal gender seen in the focus group kept our differentiation of both genders vague and unhelpful because there were only two opinions from the female perspective. The last thing our group wanted to do was fall into a niche category. Therefore, we will take the information we recieved; vague in the female perspective, and build on it to balance out our stance on the music video's connection with our target audience.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My 3 webpage designs

web design 1

Here is my first web page design; I’ve experimented with a metallic silver background and colour-scheme to enhance our rock genre, and also to give the page an official, ‘solid’ look. Also, to support the ‘release’ of the band’s new music video the silver effect can indicate and cross reference the narrative of our music video, as a band member plays a silver statue. I’ve then extended this colour-scheme by tinting the YouTube, Facebook and Twitter logos to a silver colour also – this suggests that this band is modernised and spread among popular social networking sites. The Apple logo’s particularly will highlight the band’s modernity and will support diversity of accessing music – for example ‘Download on iTunes’ encourages the audience to use other software to access their music. Below the main image and the optional links, I’ve posted an up-to-date video from YouTube, I’ve done this to show where our music video will go once we’ve finished it – the video will be accessible straight away, and the fact that it’s on the home page will rectify its importance.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Re-group after Christmas

Filming update.

We've set a date of which to get the filming for our performance done. We have organised all instruments that we will use, props, our location and our band members. Other elements that need to be arranged are the costume, any possible make-up and prepping lessons (to prepare our cast for what we expect from them, how to act etc)
We plan to accomplish this filming by week, Tuesday 15th of January.
We do not want to rush this process as we think that preparation and taking time to complete this footage will make the quality even better, however - we realise that we are under a lot of pressure concerning time. The sooner we finish filming, the sooner we can start editing.