Tuesday, 5 February 2013

feedback on filming

On Sunday our group met in the early morning at our chosen destination and filmed our narrative, I found that our group worked together well and maintained high levels of cooperation, communication and understanding; as well as trusting each other with filming high quality shots. We all had equal opportunities to film, direct and contribute to elements of mise-en-scene (such as make-up, costume, props and so on) - so we all rotated in our duties.
We were worried about restrictions such as weather conditions, time management, location accessibility and most importantly everyone turning up on time. However, the weather (despite it being mid-December, with predictable rain, sleet and strong wind) the day was dry, bright and crisp cold (which urged everyone to stay on their feet and stay energised). Our time management was well kept and we even had time to reshoot in different angles and places, as well as coming up with several different endings for us to decide on when editing. In terms of location accessibility, we filmed our narrative piece in and around Parsloes Park, opposite Gale Street - which is a public park and surprisingly was not busy/packed with people. So we have a diversity of different locations within the park that were not restricted by any public. Everyone turned up, bright and early, on time and ready to go.


Strangely enough, I found directing the cast (and even sometimes our crew) reasonable. In order to keep the cast and crew fired up and ready to go, as well as feeling confident and knowing that they're doing the right thing; I needed to encourage them and keep urging them on. This kept the spirit and enthusiasm fluent, and therefore gave our music video the liveliness and effect that it needed - the footage was believable, because the cast and crew were confident in what they were doing.
Often, I found myself distributing energy and positivity to those around me and simultaneously keeping my own spirits high. Especially of an early morning, and such brisk, cold weather - the energy needed rebooting and everyone needed to be enthusiastic but at the same time realistic about what we were doing.

Being directed by others
Obviously, our roles rotated during the day and everyone from our crew got the chance to direct, film and help with props and give any advice/opinions. Whilst being directed, by different people throughout the day, I found myself at ease with what I was doing and felt confident in my group also. Throughout the day we enjoyed the occasional laugh and relaxed on our breaks, as well as having lunch together and socialising away from the music video (to create unity within our group) and I found that everyone in our group was giving encouragement and enthusiasm to each other and therefore we were all positive throughout the day.

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