Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Focus Group Preparation

In order for our group to distinguish what our target audience look for in a music video we need to carry out a focus group that allows us to gain in-depth information on what our audience expect from the genre. This will help us find out what will work and what wont, we'll also be able to give a few scenarios and have honest feedback.

We will be filming our focus group to be able to review the progress affectively and to take all feedback into consideration as a group. We're acting upon the questionnaire results that told us that ______ people think __________ about our music video. In conclusion our traget audience is ______ ______ _____ - therefore, to see further how we can appeal to them, we will select 7 random people who suit this catagory to take part in our focus group and discuss prepared topics on the subject of our music video.

Last year, we also held a focus group to get honest answers from our target audience, so from last years experience, we learnt that a calm and relaxed atmosphere encourages the interviewee's to feel comfortable enough to answer honestly and to expalain their answers and ideas. We'll aim for a less formal session, but will be asking questions of a formal nature.

Questions we're planning to ask:

1) What are your names and ages ?  Names will help us identify each interviewee and gain comfortability and friendliness with eachother so that they feel comfortable undergoing the questions with confidence. Knowing their ages will give us speciffic data as to what age group will want different things from our music video, also, it can help us understand how they think and what would interest their age-group.

2) Do you watch Music Channels? If so, which ones are you most likely to view?  Here we'll know which music channels are the most popular with our target audience and most importantly whether they're effective with distributing our music video. We'll then know which music channel (if any) we will consider to use for advertisement/entertainment purposes of our music video.

*Hand out lyrics and let them listen to our track - Wolfmother - Vagabond

3) Okay, so what do you think about this song ? Here we'll see first-hand just how the audience reacts to the song choice and whether anything (idea's/expectations for the music video) are anything that we had though of as well in our pitches.

*Read a pitch to them

4) Can you see this relating to the lyrics? What would you recommend the ending be? Which is more effective? Here we'll get perhaps a mixed response to our pitch, which can help us navigate where to go with the pitch. Constructive critisism is crucial here, we want to know whether our pitch will link with the lyrics, and mostly whether or not its captivating to the audience and different. Will they remember that music video?

5) If you wanted to gain information of a particular band/artist, where would you go? Here we will learn just where our audience goes to gain information on the artist/band - therefore we can gain speciffics on where it would be beneficial to promote our band. For example fan-bases, websites and others can be on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Blogger or other poputar interaction sites, and which is the most used by our target audience.

6) What was the last music video of the rock genre that really interested you because of the narrative? This is partly a conversational question to draw out what interests the audience and have them talk about it and cause group discussion. Here we'll also learn where we'll be aiming to set our music video to gain recommendation for our audience. We'll see what bands we'll be among and can research into them to gain more knowledge on what is expected of us.

7) Discuss what is affective in a music video and why. This question will help us decide what needs to be in our music video and how it will appeal to the target audience, hopefully from this we'll create a distinctive music video that suits the audience's appeal and will be a successful video.

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