Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Directing and filming a band

Today I took part in the directing and filming a band.
I learnt from this practice that spontaneous shots and movement is always welcomed, as we found ourselves producing static shots (not moving) which could make the footage dull. I moved around the stage filming, while the band was performing and picked up useful shots that I wouldn't have if I was limited in space.
In terms of energy in both the crew and the band, the director (I learnt) needs to project enthusiasm and energy, in order for everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable with what they were doing. I felt confident enough to tell the members of the band I was filming, where to move, how to act and more importantly to be positive about what they were doing, to avoid them feeling self-conscious and freezing up on stage. I gained a sense of familiarity and connection with the band and was able to visually make the quality of the footage better, as it was more energetic and believable.
This was different from GCSE media filming because I feel we had more creative freedom and so, were able to produce better footage, as well as be comfortable and inventive with our shots.

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