Thursday, 8 November 2012

My four pitches for our music video (individual thinking)

My five pitches for our music video

1. Band (performance) - The band are shown performing in a music studio, where close-ups of both the band member's expressions and their instruments will be common. These shots will jump cut through the narrative piece and will relate in that whenever the tension rises in the narrative, the close-up shot will transform into a long distance shot to infer movement in the story as well as the isolation that his character may be feeling.
   Narrative - Picture a London rush-hour morning with a a faceless sea of people in suits and work clothes on their way to their nine hour shifts. Its a stressful surreal blur, and no face in particular is highlighted from the crowd, because its all blurred away. Then, a beautiful woman emerges from the crowd to cross the street and the camera comes to a mid shot to draw the audience's attention to her. Following shortly behind her, the lead singer disengages himself from the bustling crowd and follows her with intent. The audience will assume that the two people know each other, as the man stares after the woman and stays within a few feet from her, as if following her. Simultaneously singing the lyrics and following the woman, the man pushes through the crowds to catch up to her, while the woman shows no means of seeing him or even knowing he's there. Suspense is built when the man suddenly catches up to her and is singing directly at her, but only the woman looks past him as if he isn't even there. This continues for most of the video, the man singing passionately and in some parts of the song, viciously - while the woman fails to even acknowledge him, and the crowd bustles on. Before the end, the man suddenly stops and the woman walks out of the camera view, and the audience is suddenly shown a shed that's full of photos of the woman. Close-ups of the pinned up photographs tell us that she is unaware that the photo's were taken, and is therefore being stalked. We end with a backwards creep of the man, standing among the crowd staring lifelessly behind the camera (we assume after the woman)

2. Band (performance) - The band are seen scattered across a room, all facing the audience, singing directly to them. They are all wearing casual clothing.The lead singer is in the centre and is the closest, followed by the bass guitar player, electric guitar player and drummer in the back. There are no microphones or amps seen, and it looks like an acoustic version of the song, or a unprofessional version of the song. The band members do not get up of make any drastic movements, but just sit on their stools ad play their instrument and sing at the audience, they seem somewhat lifeless in body language and expression. These shots are jump cut through the narrative.
  Narrative - The band are seen in the same room, except they are without any instruments or stools, and they are all wearing white clothing. They are doing random things such as sitting, or throwing paint over each other and singing madly into the camera, the jump about and act crazy, and the audience (viewing the jump cuts of both juxtaposing scenes) and assume that the narrative performance is enacting the passion/feelings inside the emotionless band members in the performance scenes. The camera at some point (preferably when the track is at a loud point) turn on its side, so that band members will be seen from the side, and then the camera will turn again so that the band members are seen doing outrageous acts from upside down. As the music dies down - the camera slowly moves to the upright position and the band members (all covered in brightly covered paint) all line up in front of the camera and bow.

3. Band (performance) - The band are first seen with the instruments resting on the floor, and before the music begins, they pick them up and play them. The band, like the performance in pitch 2, are sitting on stools playing their instruments, but this time casually and with soul. They tap their feet along with the music and sing the lyrics with meaning, and when the music heightens, they spontaneously leap up from their chairs and sing at the camera and to each other. The performance ends with them sitting back on the stools and playing calmly, and then when the music stops, they rest their instruments back on the floor like the beginning.
   Narrative - The main singer is seen on a field, sitting down on the grass with a girl, close-ups of the two laughing and talking give the audience that the two are intimate with each other. Then (using the cloning software) the main singer is seen twice, in the same shot, sitting down next to himself and looking in on the conversation. The girl then enters and stands behind the second version of the main singer and looks at him with a regretful expression, then walks off the set. The second version of the main singer sits beside the first version of the main singer for duration of the video, smiling fondly at the conversation, and every now and then looking at toward the exit that the second version of the woman had left in. He then gets up and walks out, leaving the two originals sitting their laughing away, not aware of his presence.

4. Band (performance) - The band is seen playing in a studio, the camera jumps from the view of seeing them behind the glass and to being inside of the same room as the band. Close-ups of their expression, them as a whole band, and close-ups on their instruments are common in the performance element. The band sing with soul and emotional input, not giving direct address to the audience at all, but leaving this aspect of the band as vague and us looking in on their everyday practise.
   Narrative - The band are seen on the London streets scattered among the crowd, they are handing out paper and pinning paper to walls and posts. The crowd is barely acknowledging them as they thrust paper into their hands and miming something (we assume their urging the people to do something) The close-ups of the paper on the lamp-posts tell the audience that theses are 'MISSING' posters, and the band are on a frantic search for someone, but the camera does not reveal who it is they are looking for (the face is blurred out on the paper). As the song comes to an end, the band stride past the camera, leaving the lead singer behind walking slowly towards a lamp-post, where he sticks one last 'MISSING' poster on there, the camera gets a close up on the person this time, and the audience can identify that the missing person is the lead singer, who gives the audience direct address and pulls his hood up. He walks past the camera and the camera remains positioned towards the lamp with the 'MISSING' poster.

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