Monday, 19 November 2012

Focus Group review

We've just completed our focus group, and we've gained a lot of information from our target audience concerning:

-  the track itself
-  pitches for our possible narrative
-  pitches for our possible performance
-  the image of the band
-  the genre it could be categorised in
-  music channels used most frequently
-  what they look for in a music video
-  how to end the narrative
-  what sells a track
-  bands they associate/are reminded of when listening to the track

and other small but interesting pieces of information.

We've interviewed 6 people, all fitting within the means of our target audience.
Ryan (male - 17 years old)
Jamie (male) - 17 years old)
Andrew (male - 18 years old)
Jamie (male - 18 years old)
Elouise (female - 17 years old)
Samira (female - 17 years old)

So as a whole, we've ranged our information between 17-18 years of age, having both genders sharing their opinions toward our topics.

We've gathered useful information and valued opinions on many areas of our research and music video pitches.
Elouise (female - 17 years old) expressed that she thought the track itself was a "folk" genre and that she likes music video's " When the person's actually in it" - and from this we can gather that we need to clearly identify the band. She also went on to add that she pictured the music video in "black and white cos its an old fashioned affect"

Andrew (male - 18 years old) went on to explain that when he "occasionally" watches music video's he values "a strong front-man" and loads of "guitar solos" - he also added that he visualised the music video for our track as "upbeat and positive". He also went on to explain that a narrative that makes a music video memorable is "something that people can relate to, maybe some experience or story of sorts that some people may have gone through that they can think - "Oh, wait, I've been through a similar situation like that" - so it kind of has a meaning that is just as deep as the song itself"
He told us (in response to the question "what sells a band?") "I'd say, if I feel particular emotion to it as well, if I can attach a particular experience..memory - something like that for example". He also added that the narrative should "have a solid conclusion"
"Judging by the backing track, I'd say Mumford and Sons, thats sort of what came to my mind at first"

Samira (female - 17 years old) told us that to her, a music video "doesn't necessarily have to fit the music but it has to engage" and that "it cant be too far off from what the songs about, it has to paint a picture, you cant do it yourself"

Jamie (male - 17 years old) when questioned on what makes a music video memorable, he explained "I like the performance bits in a video, but not just like dull band playing; something that keeps it different from other videos" He also expressed that "the way the instruments are used" help sell a band. He went on to add that he would "like the narrative to actually end, rather than the cliffhanger because then your always wondering "oh.. I don't" - you might not get it. Or if its left down to interpretations sometimes its hard"

Jamie (male - 18 years old) described "I like lots of shots with the band performing"

Ryan (male - 17 years old) told us that in his opinion "the performance aspect" made a video memorable. He went on to explain further that "different shots" made the video distinctive.

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