Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Thoughts/Personal views towards the rock genre

I realised that while our group is trying to find information from our target audience, and even information about audience members who do not appeal to the rock genre - we, ourselves are also audience members.
As an audience member myself, I feel I can give my views/expectations of the rock genre expressively and in greater detail that a brief focus group with fixed questions.
And eventhough some aspects of rock I may not appeal to, my group (and I) can take my opinions/expectations and bring them into account - we then have a broader range of information to draw on.

I have a guilty pleasure for rock bands, but they are quite particular.
I enjoy bands such as You Me At Six, Rocket To The Moon, Boys Like Girls, Kings of Leon and so on - I appeal to light rock, instead of heavy metal bands like AC/DC, Slipknot or Motorhead.
The reason for this is because bands with a light rock genre have more influence with their lyrics and meaning, rather than heavy metal rock bands who influence with their music (for example, guitar solo's, hardly and lyrics, lyrics being shouted instead of being performed in an understandable manner).
If someone told me what I pictured the second they said "rock band" I'd immediately think of this :
Dark, disturbing black make-up and long dark hair, dark clothes, using their instruments as some form of weaponry/tool for smashing something with suring their music video's.
Here is one of their video's..

In contrast,
If someone gave me a band name like ‘Kings of Leon’ or ‘Blink 182’ – I wouldn’t automatically think of rock, instead I’d picture an alternative/indie genre. This is mainly because; I don’t feel threatened or in any way challenged by their music or their music video’s. They instead, in my personal opinion, focus of lyrical meaning and real vocal talent – instead of instrumental talent/aggressive nature.
So, if someone said alternative/indie and asked me to picture the first thing I'd relate it to - I'd see this..

Kings of Leon
Wearing smart/common clothing instead of different, unique dark clothing. Some may have long hair and beards, but not draped over their face or dyed black. They ressemble normal looking individuals to mirror majorites in society, whereas heavy metal rock bands would pinpoint other groups in society.
Here's is a music video of Kings of Leon...

I’ve taken into account that different types of rock are categorized with different conventions of rock. For example, heavy metal rock and folk rock are two completely different types of rock, and therefore we’ll see contrasting conventions within these genres.
That is why, within my group – we’re speculating between whether or not we should categorize it as a heavy metal band or an indie/plain rock band – and it’s important that we take into consideration the attitudes towards each genre.

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