Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Mood board for band

Mood Board for Blog
My initial ideas for our band image were as follows;

I was inspired by the creative, dusky atmosphere that the film '500 Days of Summer' had created (which ironically, had Wolmother's 'Vagabond' track played in the film) - I found that this atmosphere would mix well with the ideology of our band, and would give it a dramatic twist.

I also inherited the look of The Script and their style and applied it to Wolfmother, because it was a distinctive look that modernised the band. You'll always find bands of the Rock/Indie genre wearing dirty boots (mainly Converse), and therefore I thought I'd apply this to my band also, as I felt that sticking to this convention would make our audience more assured that the genre of this band is Rock/Indie.

At the same time, I find the 'Lost Boy' look quite mysterious and thrilling, and I've shown this through images of men sitting aimlessly on the curb against a wall, or a traditional band in black and white.

I was striving for an 'original' take on Rock/Indie culture, but through a modernised view - for example, new styles and motifs can be displayed, but in the ideas and attitudes of original rock bands.

I tried out different fonts that the band title could be displayed in, and still haven’t ultimately decided.

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