Friday, 9 November 2012

Designs for website and logo

Here are my first initial designs for my band logo, and considering our band name is 'Lift Off' I decided to enhance the visual side to this by featuring a bird/falcon as our logo, in a position of flight. A falcon would be more appropriate for a Rock genre band because falcon's are known for their fierceness and aggressive nature of stalking their prey and being vicious birds. Falcons are also a symbol of strength and respect, in of which I wanted the logo to represent metaphorically the strength and respect that Wolfmother has.

Here are my original designs for Wolfmother's web page. I wanted the main image to be across the top so that it was the first thing that the audience saw when they entered the website. A video of their live tour will be accessible at the bottom, with photos from both their tour and in the album are viewed on the side. Then nearer to the bottom, concert tickets will be advertised. This links in with the video of the live tour because the viewer will watch the live tour video and perhaps be interested/consider purchasing tickets, and then directly below the video, tour dates and tickets will be shown and opportunities to buy tickets will be highlighted. Synergy takes place below the main image, where I've placed links to YouTube, Messenger, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook and other useful websites that the audience may want to find out more, concerning Wolfmother's progress/news/information.


On my second design for my web page design I've taken into account that a colour scheme should be set in place to extend the band's identity. To match the logo, I've made the borders and background of the web page grey-ish blue, and any area's of information in dark blue. I've also used red to colour the tour dates and the photos, which will draw attention to both. All colours displayed are within the strict colour scheme and while its quite a basic layout, the tones in the colour will make different parts stand out - which will make the web page itself look like its coming out at the viewer. I've put the logo in the left-hand side corner and then another detailed version below, next to the main image of the band. At the top of the homepage, all possible page options are displayed neatly and are easy to navigate. The main image is cleverly formed so that each member of the band is displayed in the shape of the main singer, which can connote unity and power as well as creativity.  
 I've added references to Twitter, announcing that Lift Off are on popular social networking sites and are easy to find and communicate with. I've also listed a few tweets that Lift Off have tweeted to show that they actively use this networking site and stay dedicated to their fans, which makes them worth following. 'Follow Us' at the bottom of these tweets, if clicked, generates another page that will lead to Lift Off's twitter page where they can then follow them. This is an example of synergy and will increase their fan base as well as strengthen the relationship between the band and their target audience if they're in constant contact (blogging/tweeting/updating about tours, tour dates, band news, subject areas arisen by the fans and so on)
After re-assessing my designed logo, I decided to keep experimenting with different images and forms. The solid form was of a bird, and i wanted to keep this symbol as it linked with both the group name 'Lift Off' and represented flight and freedom which infer that the band also employ this.

 I tried out different uses of colour to try and identify my colour scheme, and in the end I merged the red and the blue together in the logo. I believe that this will represent that Lift Off is a unisex band and, can employ the enjoyment of all genders. Also, blue and red are primary colours, and can perhaps connote originality and tradition.

 I added what road lines to indicate a journey or a path, and therefore indicate that the band is on a journey through their musical career and are 'in flight'. The yellow used for the lines are traditionally seen on normal roads and also, yellow being another primary colour, adds to the originality of the band. Secondly, all the colours contrast and therefore stand out among dull, lifeless logo's - the vibrancy of the colour make the logo seem energetic and powerful (representing the band.) And lastly, the colour yellow can indicate the electricity that that band brings, both through their electrical instruments and their band image.
Here is my final design for my logo.
I have decided that the logo may spell out 'LIFT OFF' on each wing, if its being shown for decoration and not label, whereas if the logo is being used to brand something (like in the left-hand side corner of the website) then 'L' and 'O' can be used to represent the full title.

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