Monday, 12 November 2012

Co-operation and Communication within our group

Co-operation and communication within our group.

Within our group, we've had differences both in opinion and idea all regarding the music video, but from last years experience in working in groups I've learnt that prioritising your own ideas is inevitable. Communication also seems weaker than it should be, and when we should be arranging group meetings and updating eachother on the work we've completed as a group, we haven't.
Before the we get further through the course and we can't communicate or cooperate at all, I've planned for us to do a few things to overcome these minor problems.
Things like . Swapping numbers/emails to communicate outside of school (for filming/general feedback)
                  . Create a schedule for when we should regroup and discuss work, for example, bringing back completed questionnaires to be assessed.
                  . Advising the group to stay neutral to all ideas and opinions, and to prevent denying good ideas of someone elses over your own.
                  . Set specific roles to each person in a task, for example, someone will be in charge of organising the focus group for research, while someone else can be collecting data from the questionnaires, and someone else can be developing the data and analysing the results. It gives equal opportunity to get involved and to work equally as hard as everyone else, also everything gets completed twice as fast, leaving us to focus on other details to add in.

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