Thursday, 21 March 2013

further webpage designs

Here I've experimented with different effects and edits to try and reach a rock effect. Above, I've explored the ways in which an image can be spread in different sizes and places to suggest the affect that drugs may have on someone. This supports the rock genre, as rock bands are known for their drug taking. Also, this could connote that the band has expanded in awareness and popularity, as the image expands behind it. This edited photo holds multiple connotations, which allows many suggestions on meaning to be welcomed.
Here I experiment with the mirror-like image to perhaps be the background of the digipack front cover. The silver colour scheme is consistant but clearly distinguishes the figures on either side. They create some sort of frame in the image.
Above, I've copied the suit image in a mirror-like effect and placed them on both sides to slightly border/frame the image. I've then placed an image of the lead singer in the centre of the photo, to suggest his importance within the group. Also, one can suggest that the silver suits on either side represent a rock background, or the rock spectrum - and having a mid-shot/close-up of the lead singer in the centre suggests that Lift Off differs from other rock bands, and in the 'faceless crowd' of the rock genre, the face of 'Lift Off' is different.

Here is the final title for 'Lift Off' the silver colour scheme creates synergy among the products. The informal sans-serif font that infers comfortability and common use, as opposed to serif font that looks formal. We want to adopt the proffessional feel, but with an informal look. The circle replacing the 'O' gives the title a solid look to it, aswell as drawing the eyes of many viewers straight to it.

The title was applied to the picture in replacement of the main image - and it ties together the two mirroring pictures. This, for me, is the best edit as it clearly established the title in the centre, bordered by two suits on either side. 'Lift Off' is placed on the point of both images, as if the darkening of the silvering is leading to the introduction of the band. This suggests power and dominance.

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