Thursday, 21 March 2013

photographs taken during filming

Group work, preparation and filming shots

 This picture shows Andrew (member of our group) applying the silver make-up to our actor James. Make-up and costume were essential features of our music video, so we had to constantly touch up on make-up and silver spray paint to keep the effect of the silver man realistic and flawless.

 Regardless of the pressure of time and schedule, we still kept the atmosphere (away from filming) as friendly and relaxed as possible. If we all felt comfortable with eachother, then we were able to perform to the best of our ability. Also, to prevent a tense and perhaps grouchy atmosphere and thus preventing an enthusiastic mood.

 This picture demonstrates the relaxed atmosphere that we worked under and the general fun we had doing it. If you enjoy working on something, then you have ambition to make it as good as you can. This was the approach that we took on the filming day.

 This shot clearly established how and why we decided to show James infront of the beautiful scenery behind. However, a less attractive public bin beside him was not easy to miss - so we had to be very creative with our shot in order to try and capture as little of the bin as possible.

 Here is a picture I took of the equiptment that we carried around that day, it includes a bag full of the make-up, costume and refreshments (as it was a long morning) as well as the big black case that protected the camera, which was quite heavy. It took at least 7 minutes for us to set up our camera and tripod, whenever we moved location (which, as shown by the music video itself) was a lot.

 Here I am with the tripod, we all took individual turns, and even in pairs handling the camera and equiptment. Everyone had the freedom to film a scene of the music video, as well as helping carry the case and bags.

 Potential album cover photo's I have taken.

This photo was taken in an alleyway, the pavements were filthy, and the only decent backdrop we could find was the white painted brick wall. I chose to take these photos with James in front of this wall as the silver colour of his make-up and suit matched the white wall. I tried to capture as many shots of James in front of this wall, without the pavement revealing its unappealing nature as it did not suit the photo at all.
I took this picture with James standing infont of the wall, but at a distance where his shadow would not then be spread behind him on the wall. I'm happy with this photo as its set to a specific colour scheme and ties in well with the narrative performance.
The unfortunate part of this photo would be the door in the far background, and his shadow. I will try to edit these parts out, as not to look so unproffessional. As you can see, I wanted to get as many good shots of James' silver suit, perhaps as a representation of th narrative (hands folded behind his back suggest a gentleman, polite nature and so on).
I wanted to get shots of James' profile (side of his face) to make the album mysterious (like the music video) and to also resemble something like a prison sentence, when the suspects hold the plaque. The light in this image compliment the silver painting and make the silver glow to some extent.
This photo is the worst one I took. Although James is standing in a desirable position and angle, the shot also includes rubbish bins further down the street. Hopefully I can crop this out.

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