Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Practicing with LogoMaker software

I decided to experiment with the colour designs of my original logo, and try to find one that best suited the band style and webpage. The webpage colour scheme is silver, with a few flashes of vibrant colour, therefore I'm aiming for a proffessional, modern looking style.

 My first experimentation with my logo consisted of a dark golden colour, which, once placing it on my webpage I realised that the colour was too contrasting to match a silver background. I thought that if I tinted the colour slightly, that it may jel well with the colour.
 So, I took my original hand-drawn design of my logo, and edited it on _________

I took the plain golden colour and used a 'burn' tool to darken the edges and give it an olden look - this would bring history and originality to the band, as well as suggesting its resiliance. This will compliment the band on its strength and unity. The lighter floral swirls indicate life and passion, so both music and the lyrics themself.
Despite this, even when placing it on my webpage, I was still unsatisfied with how it didnt suit the colour scheme or style. From this, I decided to step away from golden coloured design schemes and look and silver colouring and more suitable styles for the webpage and band.

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